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Newquay – Fastest Growing UK Airport


A staggering 1000 people and more pass through the Cornwall Airport of Newquay in the UK searching for car hire and flights each day last year. Management are putting the increase down to the dropping of a controversial departure fee of £5 per passenger last April. The figures increased to over 1225 passengers each day […]

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Scottish Distillery Plans Approved

edinburgh whiskey distillery

The building of a new distillery close to Inverkip in Scotland have been approved by the local council with work commencing shortly. The whiskey distillery which also features a visitor centre is set to open in Ardgowan in the site which was formerly on an old sawmill estate. Visitors are also able to pick up […]

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Jo Cox’s Street Party


A street party which will honour the MP Jo Cox is due to be held this year on both the 17th and 18th June which will be a year after she tragically lost her life. The street party event is to be called “The Great Get Together” with the event being held through out the […]

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Border Control to Return

belfast city

No-one in the UK is quite sure what will happen when Britain leaves Europe. This has not stopped people speculating about what may or not happen after the exit. What will happen in Northern Ireland who has borders along with the Republic of Ireland. Presently summer car hire is still available from Belfast City Airport […]

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Edinburgh Tourist Tax Plan


Edinburgh is planning a tourist tax in line with the rest of Europe’s cities. Meetings are being planned at the moment to try and introduce the scheme as quickly as next spring. Meanwhile you are still able to book this summer’s car hire from Edinburgh Airport without the visitor tax. The visitor levy would try […]

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Wheelchair Victory


A man who is wheelchair bound has won a famous victory in the Supreme Court. He brought his case to court because he was refused access to a public bus due to a mother and child with a pram already taking up the disabled space on the bus. Their refusal to move from the allocated […]

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Windshield For Forth Bridge


Designers have created a windshield for the latest new bridge to open shortly in Scotland. Queensferry Crossing Bridge has been designed with barriers which are three and half meters tall and have been fitted with baffle barriers which deflects gusts of wind on impact. Meanwhile other road news : summer car hire from Edinburgh Downtown […]

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Parking Spaces Taxes

glasgow city

Workplace parking places are now under review by the Scottish Government. Ministers are under pressure to lower emissions numbers by cars and they are thinking about several options in a bid to tackle the situation. Other vehicle news : summer car hire from Glasgow Downtown A workplace levy introduced by Nottingham Council 4 years ago […]

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Manchester Airport Top Destinations


A survey completed by travellers heading out from Manchester Airport have revealed that the most visited destination was Amsterdam last year. Did you know you can also book your summer car hire from Manchester Airport as well as Christmas period. A close second was Dublin and then Dubai. Spain saw a large increase in number […]

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Historic Newcastle Pool


A Historic swimming pool in the centre of Newcastle has led to a group of investors visiting the site with an aim of saving one of their own. Trustees from the Manchester Victoria Baths Organisation paid a visit to the redevelopment project at the city’s Newcastle Pool to catch a glimpse of how campaigners saved […]

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