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Nanocar Race


A tiny car race will take place over in France in the town of Toulouse. Other racing news : summer car hire from Bluewheels Competing in the race was six teams who raced the small cars inside microscopes by scanning them. The molecules which make up the cars are known to be invisible to our […]

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Airlander Good to Fly


Following a crash last year the Airlander 10 has been given the go ahead to commence flying again this year. The plane has now been completely revamped thanks to engineers and testing has begun on the plane after extensive repairs. Other regional travel news : summer car hire available from Leeds/Bradford Airport Airlander plane crashed […]

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Plastic Roads?

plastic roads

Who would have thought that the idea of plastic roads would come to pass. This novel idea is being tried out by a number of different councils in a bid to try and reduce household waste and increase the length of time that the roads can last without the need to be refilled due to […]

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4,000 Scottish Earthquakes

earth quakes

A unusual phenomenon you may think for Scotland to have earthquakes. You are more likely to think about Japan or Taiwan as countries which have regular occurrences of earthquakes but not Scotland. Don’t Be afraid of driving here though as you can pick up your car hire UK from Scotland‘s branches. In fact since 1967 […]

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Belfast’s World Irish Dance

belfast dancers

The World Irish Dancing competitions are being held in Belfast this week. When you are visiting Ireland this week , drivers will be able to return their Easter car hire to Belfast City Downtown branches or at the airport after the dancing competition. A staggering 5000 dancers are attending the championships which are being held […]

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First Female Statue in Parliament


Parliament Square in London is host to famous statues of Nelson Mandela and Sir Winston Churchill and nine other men. Now a new statue will be erected shortly of a famous suffragette called Dame Millicent Fawett. The only woman statue currently in the square. Visitors can view the statue when they collect their Easter car […]

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Trauma Centre Set for Wales

wales -

England currently has 27 Medical Trauma Centres whereas Wales don’t have any centres. Things are about to change for the better. Under a new proposal in the South of Wales, experts are considering bids from two cities in the South of Wales which are Swansea and the capital city Cardiff to become the first MTC […]

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School Car Park


Each local authority is under pressure to make cuts where they can to save money as the funding from the UK Government is growing smaller each year. One school in London has came up with a novel idea to raise funds which involves parking. Other regional news : rent your Easter car hire from Bluewheels […]

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Banksy Helps Lollipop Lady

school crossing - london - bluewheels

A concerned parent has painted the town red well not exactly only red lines across a school crossing. This was in a bid to help the local lollipop lady carry out her duties with care and efficiency. Local parent Mr Snowden was a bit concerned recently when he took his kids on the walking school […]

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Hackney May Ban Diesels


A bid to tackle air pollution is always on everyone’s mind and politicians are open to suggestions on how to tackle the problem. Hackney’s transport leader has said they would support a ban on diesel vehicles in an effort to tackle air pollution within their borough. You can still return your UK car hire back […]

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