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To Drive or Be Driven To Heathrow Airport?

traffic at an airport

This is a question asked a lot by passengers arriving or departing from Heathrow Airport. Do they rent from the airport or locally after a long flight?Or do you rent and return your hire car back to the London Airport?Heathrow Airport com has an article on their website If you wish to read their advice […]

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Is This Europe’s Worst Car Hire Story?

Digital Illustration of a Car Key

A UK driver’s terrifying experience of renting an estate car while holidaying in Maderia.She explains how she was mistreated and her fight to have her unfair car rental charges refunded when she returned to the UK.Read more over here. The news story is written by Kate Rogers of the Telegraph.Other useful pages:Car Hire In London […]

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A9 New Speed Restrictions For Lorries

50 Target Showing Golden Anniversary

A new speed limit for lorries driving along the A9 in Scotland will come into force on October 28 2014. The new speed restriction will be 50 MPH up from the present 40 MPH. The new restriction alongside the average speed camera usage aim to help other motorists who become stuck behind slow moving traffic. […]

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