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Wales Crack Down During Euros


Wales has launched a campaign against drink driving during the football season of the 2016 Euros. During the football tournament motorists will be stopped throughout Wales in an effort to stamp out any drug or drink misuse during the matches. Wales as a country are playing in the tournament for the first time in nearly […]

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5 Driving Distractions

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UK car hire distractions are often associated in the past with using mobiles whilst driving. A recent study has suggested that using phones on a hands free system is just as distracting as using hand sets. Drivers are sometimes distracted by other things while driving. Here are a few of the lesser known distractions for […]

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NHS to Fast Track Sleep Disorder

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Drivers who suffer from OSAS which is medically known as Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome. Area now able to be fast tracked within 4 weeks of being diagnosised and then they can begin treatment for the disorder. The disorder tends to be common for those who have a driving job for a living. The RAC is […]

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What Types Of ID Is Required?


A question which is often asked from potential renters is what type of identification is required when they arrive at the UK branches to collect their rental cars.Once you have booked your car hire over the web. An email will be sent to you outlining all of your terms and conditions which are attached to […]

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Welsh Roads on Flood Warnings

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A weather warning for high tides and super tides has been issued along the coast of the Wales.The warnings are been issued due to the fact that the tides of springtime are unusually high for this time of year. They are also reported to be the highest in over 20 years.You can find out here […]

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Portugal’s Airport Car Hire Fee

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From the 1st of March this year. Drivers will be paying an extra 15 Euro to collect their rental cars from Portuguese Airports. Lisbon, Faro and Oporto will start to charge this fee which is being enforced by the Portuguese Airport Authority… Currently the charge will only apply to mainland Portugal however the ANA are […]

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Tips For Car Hire

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Number one:An up to date photograph of your child is a great idea to have with on your holiday in the event they become seperated from you.Parents will have a recent photo to show the authorities.——————————————————————————————Number Two:The value of currency changes all the time.  When you holiday destination currency is at its peak that is […]

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This Week’s Tuesday Car Rental Tips

This Week's Tuesday Car Rental Tips

First tip of the day:Don’t flash the cash as the saying goes. Try and blend in with the locals if you can and don’t openly show large amounts of cash or flashy jewellery around when out and about.second Tip of the day:Remember when you are leaving or arriving by car hire at any airport, Doesn’t matter […]

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Summer Car Hire From Heathrow Airport

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No sooner has Christmas came and gone. The next thing on the telly is the sales adverts. The last thing you want to do on a cold winters day is go sales shopping. Why not think about booking up your summer holiday from London Heathrow in the UK instead.You can book today for a refundable […]

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Are You Good at Parking?


This may sound like a silly question but ask yourself? Did you know that on average the highest cause of accidents is by parking followed by crashing into the back of the car in front of you. Any current zings are likely to cost the driver around £1500 for any accidents caused trying to park […]

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