Can I Use A Mobile Phone When Driving In The UK?

sign saying don't text and drive

Can I text or speak on a mobile phone while driving. The simple answer is no.

Using a hand held device such as a phone is illegal when driving on the roads within the UK.

Drivers often forget to brush up on the driving rules of the country they will be renting a vehicle from when on vacation.

When hiring a car in the UK , drivers can check out this Government website which gives advice on driving within the UK.

Whether you rent a vehicle or a motorcycle the rules apply to both vehicles. Don't use your smart phone or mobile when driving.

Remember the rule applies to vehicles which are on the road and have their engine running . This rule also applies to you when you stop your car at the lights or are stuck in a traffic jam waiting on the queue dispersing.

Some drivers forget or are unsure. Rule of thumb , if you have your engine running then don't use your phone.

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Anyone wishing to speak on the phone or text are best to pull over and park safely and switch their engines off before answering their phones.

The police can pull over any car , at any time and issue a fine and also add points to your license. At present the fine is one hundred pounds and a penalty of 3 points on your license.

There is an option to use a hands free device when phoning from inside your car. Remember, the UK Police have the right to pull over any driver they believe is a danger to other road users.

Remember that phone calls can be a distraction when driving. Sometimes an accident can be caused by you not be able to concentrate 100%. Always think safety first when driving.

When renting a car. Any penalty points issued by the police when you have the car out on hire will be sent to the car hire firm. They in turn will track down the driver at the time of the offense and ask you to pay the fine plus and admin fee by the hire firm.

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