Can I Use A Debit Card?

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Debit Card

A great question would be to ask can I use my debit card to pay for my car hire at London Stansted Airport or any other UK airport terminal? This questions is often asked by holiday makers.

Debit cards can be used to pay for a deposit only when making a car hire booking online.

A credit card is then required to pay the balance of the van or car rental when you arrive at the branch.

The procedure then is a an email will be sent to you directly with all your confirmation details. After you have successfully paid for your rental online.

The email will outline all your booking details. Please double check that the details are correct as this is important time to make any changes prior to collecting your vehicle.

The major cards which are accepted for payment are normally either Visa or Mastercard.

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Cards which are not acceptable at any of the car hire depots are Visa Cards, Switch or any credit cards which are per-paid.

A good point to remember is that the car hire staff will also ask for you to leave an excess deposit and any other payments which you have asked for to be added onto your rental.

This may include , extra drivers fees, one way fess, GPS hire , child seats. Anything which you have asked to be added onto your booking at last minute.

A good point will be to ask before arriving how much you will be asked to leave on your card. As this will save you any embarrassment and allow you to pick up your car.

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