Can I hire Snow Tyres?

snow plough in orange picture.

Question: Snow Tyres
Do car hire firms hire out tyres or chains to use in the snow when I go skiing in Italy during the winter?


You can find out if your car rental booking is allowed the hire of the special tyres and snow chains by looking at the special equipment section of your rental. You can find out about special equipment by clicking on the rate details which is just below the quote price.
Then scroll down until you find the special equipment section.

An example is as follows:
Special Equipment – Optional Extras (Can be purchased on arrival)
Snow chains: 275 DKK Includes 25% Tax; On Request
Tyres for the snow: 120 DKK per Day Maximum 1,470 DKK Includes 25% Tax; On Request
Special Equipment- Optional extras may be requested at the time of booking, but they are not included in the rental price. They are paid in the local currency at the rental desk.

Please note it is always best to select the option when making your booking and then the branch will know that you are wishing to rent the snow tyres or snow chains.

You can select the snow tyres option once you have clicked to book the car. Under the rental amount there is an option for Special Equipment. Add the amount of snow tyres to your booking then continue to follow the instructions on the page to complete your rental booking.

An email confirmation will be sent to you which will include your tyres for the snow.

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