Best Views Of The Northern Lights With Your Rental Car

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As a mini test today ask anyone whom you meet today. Family or friends what is the one thing they would like to see and visit this winter? Most people will agree with the Northern Lights. This is the one phenomenon which is at the top of most people's bucket list according to the latest winter travel poll.

The Aurora Borealis is a truly remarkable sight which happens when large number of electrons collide at high speed with air particles which are high in the air. Resulting in the biggest light show on earth which can be seen for miles over the skies over the Northern Terror ties. The night sky lights up with various rainbow colours which include, red, violet, green , blue to perform nature's biggest cinematic viewing of the dancing colours.

There are various places in the Northern Hemisphere which claim to be the best places to view this phenomenon including Norway, Iceland, Canada, UK and Lapland.

Best countries and towns to view the Aurora Borealis would be as follows:
Northern Norway  , Svalbard Islands ,lofoten Islands , The North Cape

Tromso , Spitzbergen, Alaska , Iceland, Canada

Tops the countries which puts on the best show for this natural phenomenon. One of the top towns would be Tromso or Troms as some pronounce the town. Head out in your rental car out away from the city lights to achieve the best views away from artificial lighting from street lights and houses.

Two places with airports in Alaska would be Fairbanks and Anchorage. Both towns have airports and have the advantage of being in darkness with very little street lighting. The aurora is best seen in this terrority in the winter months between autumn and Easter. Due to limited population in this vast country , street lighting is not the same problem which you need to consider as in other highly populated regions.

This is a popular tourist attraction from Europe as flights into Reykjavik can be booked fairly easy from most European countries. Instead of staying in the capital try heading out to the smaller towns which provide less light during the winter such as Akureyri.

Rent a car from any of the Northern towns and cities to drive away from the cities and street lights into the countryside to gain access to the best views of the night sky. Remember and wrap up though as the temperatures in the winter months can be below zero.

As with anything in life the light show cannot be guaranteed due to the weather. The guides suggest checking the weather before heading off to any one location. Head out to the country away from the city to obtain the best views.

The best times of the year to view the lights would be between January and March each year. This is due to the winter months being cold and less damp than the autumn months which can be dark but wet. Remember and watch out for the full moon as this will lessen your chances of seeing a full array. Tip would be to check the weather forecast and go just after a full moon appears.

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