Best Days To Fly and Drive This Christmas

red bauble on a red christmas card

According to the experts the priciest day to travel and collect car hire from any airport in the UK and world wide is on December 19th which is a Friday. Travellers think by avoiding the Christmas rush they can beat the price hike over the festive period by booking and travelling the Friday before Christmas Day.

This is in fact the opposite of reality. Prices are 10 to 30% cheaper if you hold off until Christmas Eve or even fly on Christmas Day. My cousin flies out from the UK over to the Caribbean each year on December 24th or 25th and she saves heaps of money as most travellers don't want or can't commute on either of those days.

Which is silly as you will still arrive on the big day to be with your loved ones but you get to save money which you can spend on pressies instead or head out to the January Sales. Avoid Black Friday or Cyber Monday as the new title is this year.

Best time to book is in advance but certainly by the middle of November as travel agents will start to raise prices which is all down to supply and demand. Don't put off booking any longer. Have a look this week for your dates and then decide when you can really travel.