Banksy Helps Lollipop Lady

school crossing - london - bluewheels

A concerned parent has painted the town red well not exactly only red lines across a school crossing. This was in a bid to help the local lollipop lady carry out her duties with care and efficiency.

Local parent Mr Snowden was a bit concerned recently when he took his kids on the walking school run. He noticed that the lollipop lady was been jostled when children were trying to cross the road on their way to school.

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He felt the school children were also standing too close to the kerb and that an accident may happen in the future if action was not taken soon.

Mr Snowden decide to paint a red line behind where the lollipop lady stands at her crossing in a bid to ask children to stand behind the line when crossing the road on their way to school. Local council is looking into the pavement painting.