Are You Good at Parking?


This may sound like a silly question but ask yourself? Did you know that on average the highest cause of accidents is by parking followed by crashing into the back of the car in front of you.

Any current zings are likely to cost the driver around £1500 for any accidents caused trying to park their cars. The drivers are often going very slow while trying to reverse their car into a parking space.

Most of the damage caused is often to the doors of the cars with either a dent or scratches to the paintwork. Other damage which is caused is to the wheels or bumper area of the car.

The contributing factors may be the parking space sizes are tighter than ever while car sizes have increased. We are also using our cars for more journeys than say about 5 years ago and parking in town rather than taking public transport into the city centres.

When collecting your car rental from say Aberdeen Airport just be careful when collecting or returning your rental car as you may prang the vehicle when trying to open the doors in a tight parking space. Resulting in accident damage which you did not think possible when you have only just collected your vehicle and not driven out of the airport parking lot.

Drivers may have difficulty parking a manual car in the UK if they have been used to driving an automatic transmission with parking assist. The roads and parking spaces in the UK are narrower than those roads in the States.