Apple Developing ECar?

Apple Car

Rumours are growing that Apple may be developing an electric
car with a shipping date of 2019.

Knowledgeable sources have reported in Automotive News that Apple is increasing the number of employees on its electric car team to 600. It is unsure whether the date of 2019 is for actually producing an electric car for consumers.

CEO Tim Cook and other representatives from Apple have not publicly verified their intentions to produce an Apple car which is believed to be codenamed Titan.

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Cook was evasive about the subject when questioned about it during an interview on the Late Show. He stated that they are looking at projects along the way and deciding what to put their energies into.

However, Apple has been building a team of automotive experts, hiring engineers from Volkswagen and Tesla.

Evidence also implies that Apple is developing battery technology that could be used in a car.

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