5 Driving Distractions

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UK car hire distractions are often associated in the past with using mobiles whilst driving.

A recent study has suggested that using phones on a hands free system is just as distracting as using hand sets. Drivers are sometimes distracted by other things while driving. Here are a few of the lesser known distractions for drivers.

1. Emotions
Often when we travel along the motorways of the UK. Signs are a plenty reminding drivers to pull over and take a break or drink some coffee if they are tired. There are no signs anywhere which mentions what to do if you are upset or angry or have been crying.

Research shows that crashes often happen after drivers get behind the wheel of a vehicle when their emotions are running high.

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2. Beauty Fixes
Presently there are no laws which are broken when applying make up or fixing your hair when driving or even shaving.

There is no data at present to record how many accidents are caused with drivers applying makeup including using tweezers or brushes. Likewise no data available for anyone shaving while on their way to work.

3. Spiders
A number of accidents have been caused by drivers who are dealing with spiders, insects and other creepy crawlies while driving. AA advice is to stop the car when it is safe to do so and deal with the situation.

4. Passengers
Back seat drivers and children in the car are also listed as main causes of accidents.

5. Eye Candy
Recent surveys suggest that just less than 60% of male drivers are distracted by the opposite sex meanwhile only 15% of women report that they are distracted by males.

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