4 Baby Squirrel Monkeys Born – Edinburgh Zoo

Baby Squirrel Monkeys

Four new born squirrel monkeys have settled into life amongst
fellow primates at Edinburgh zoo.

The squirrel monkeys are in Living Links, a research centre and field station of Edinburgh zoo. They were born July and August 2015.

The babies spend their time holding onto their mothers but soon will explore their environment as they grow in independence.

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Living Links partner with Royal Zoological Society of Scotland and St. Andrews University. They provide support to the Scottish Primate Research Group.

Donald Gow, Living Links team leader stated that the baby squirrel monkeys were doing well and although they are still clinging to their monkeys, their independence will grow when they start exploring on their own.

The monkeys are allowed to take part in training on a voluntary basis. They enjoy the training as they get treats as rewards.

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